Thursday, 23 July 2009

Organising kitchen


Most of the utility closets contains cleaning tools,electric blubs ,and even emergency equipment results in confusing jumble up and hard to find things when in need.After gathering everything you need try to group the things according to your room.Store the items used frequently and the ones not used frequently on top of the shelves.

  1. All purpose household cleaner
  2. Batteries
  3. Bucket
  4. Brushes (Scru brush,Utility brush,Toothbrush,Grout brush,Grill brush)
  5. Cheesecloth
  6. Cleaning cloth
  7. Dust and polishing cloth
  8. Dusters(Ostrich feather,lamb wool,soft paintbrush)
  9. Dustpan
  10. Flashlights
  11. Floor and furniture wax
  12. Glass cleaner
  13. Metal polishes
  14. Midly abrasive cleaner
  15. Mop
  16. Rubber gloves
  17. Steel wool
  18. Spare key racks with hooks and key fobs neatly labeled
  19. Stick and handheld vaccum
  20. Vaccum cleaner and attachments


hary!! said...

wow! so many stuff! :) yu shud talk to my mom abt these..

Nazish Rahman said...

lol..amazing..your going to b a perfect house wife to the guy u'll marry!!

shilpa said...

yeah maybe your mom can give me some advice dear hary

shilpa said...

well nazish i can say by learning all this i will make a perfect house husband hahahah

Apanatva said...

thanks for visiting my blog.

shilpa said...

your welcome dear