Thursday, 2 July 2009

Fire safety tips

1)Keep matches,candles,lighters away from children

2)Remove electric cords from under rugs and behind radiators

3)Carelessness while smoking is a leading cause of fire

4)Never overload outlets and extension cords.

5)Dont leave candles unattended and never sleep with them burning

6)If your clothes ever catch fire remember to stop,drop and roll.

7)Move flammable liquids and materials stored near the stove to a safe distant location.

8)Early notification makes a lot of difference.Call your emergency line

9)Install smoke alarms

10)Develop a home escape plan with your family and have a pre arranged meeting place outside


Nazish Rahman said...

Great..should get a print out done and paste it somewhere in my will then not forget it...its these little things that one ignores can lead to huge damage!!!

shilpa said...

I hope every one do the same in india like you