Thursday, 2 July 2009

Preparing mushrooms

I started liking mushroom when i came to london.I first had them in my dominos pizza and i loved them.I am quite suprised that the indians specially gujratis here do not eat mushroom and do not consider them to be vegetarian.It is a plant grown from benethe but it nutritious and healthy and totally vegeterian.I worked with dominos for 2 years as a food manager in london and would like to share something about mushroom because cleaning and making mushrooms needs to be done in a right way to make a tasty meal.

TYPES OF MUSHROOM: Look for firm ,smooth and dry caps .Avoid damp, pitted or dried out
The most common varieties of cultivated mushrooms include shiitake(intense mushroom taste),white (mild),portobello(meaty)and cremini(similiar to white and a fuller flavour)

STORING:Refrigerate loose mushrooms in a paper bag,and containers of mushrooms in their original package.Use within few days of purchase.

CLEANING:Do not soak mushrooms,they will absorb water rapidly and turn mushy when you cook them.You can clean mushroom with a stiff brush without wetting them,or quicky rinse them under a thin stream of cold water.Dry thoroughly with paper towels.

Preparing:Shiitakes have tough inedible stems that should be removed.For white mushroom and the remaining ones trim the spongy tip ,the rest is edible.


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