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Diabetes:There are 2 types of diabetes
1) JUVENILE DIABETES: It is a longlife diesease that develop when the pancreas stop producing insulin ,a hormone that that let sugar move from the blood into the bood cells,where itcan be stored for energy or later use.If sugar cannot move from the blood into the blood cells the person blood sugar rises above a safe level and the cells cannot function properly.

It can develop in any age particularly in children and young adults,usually before the age of 30.Often symptons are noticed after an illness such as flu.Early signs may include
Frequent urination
Extreme thirst
Increase hunger
Weight loss

As blood sugar level rises more symptoms may develop

Blurred vision
Fast and shallow breathing
Strong fruity odour
Loss of appetite
Abdominal pain

Try and keep the blood sugar level as close to normal as possible.This can be done by eating balanced diet,taking insulin injections and getting regular exercise.

2)Adult onset diabetes:It is a lifelong disease that affects the way your body uses food for energy.The disease develop when the cell of the body becomes resiistant to insulin or pancreas cannot make enough insulin which causes high blood sugar.
The extra sugar in your blood can lead to problems with your eyes ,heart,blood vessel,nerve and kidneys.Common symptons of diabetes are

Increaed thirst
Frequent urination
Unusall weight loss
Extreme Fatigue

But in this level of diabetes the blood sugar level rises slowly so they may not have the symptoms in the early stage.People who suffer from this type of dieseas are usally overweight and physically less active .It is commonly found in over 40 years of age and nowadays found in children too.This can be prevented if the person focuss on keeping blood sugar ,cholestrol and blood pressure at safe levels.

1) VITAMIN C: A European study found out that people consuming more of vitamin c has the lowest incidence of diabetes.Fruits and veggies like oranges,strawberries and broccoli are the best sorces of vitamin c .

2) HERBS AND SPICES: Researchers from the univerity of georgia found out that herbs and spices could prevent inflammationassociated with diabeties .Cloves and cinnamon are examples.

3)EAT SOME BROWN RICE:A compound that help rice grow reduces nerve and blood vessel damage from diabetes.Soak the rice overnight which awakens the compound.

Its always best to read the manufacture instructions and consult your doctor before any intake.

Anything that you can contribute with the imformation to help diabetes would be appreciated .


hary!! said...

thats quite a very informative post..yu didnt see these kind of posts often! Thanks will keep that in mind!

shilpa said...

thanks dear

Nazish Rahman said...

Diabetes is a serious disease.
Some more points that can be added are

1)Exercise is beneficial for most people who have diabetes.

2)One diabetic should not marry another diabetic thats what i heard.

3)One should also wear shoes all the time if you are a diabetic patient...if one does not want to wear shoes indoors, wear slippers with hard soles and good support.

Nice post...u really come up with different but good stuff...believe me its not that i had to write something so i am writing...i believe this. Carry on the great work!!!

take care!!!

SG said...

Nice blog. The best medicine for diabetes will not cost a single penny. Walk briskly for 30 minutes every day. Sugar level will be controlled and become normal.

I am not a doctor. Therefore, I am not prescribing anything. In addition to walking, 25 grams of powdered fenugreek taken twice a day will do wonders.

shilpa said...

Thank you nazish your points were very helpful.It will be helpful for someone who is a diabetic patient.Thanks for contributing for the patients .

shilpa said...

That was nice tip to walk 30 minutes as my father believe that too walking keep you fit .Your herbs remedy sounds wonderful i am sure with your tips someone will benefit and bless you for the contribution.Thanks

Swatantra said...

Thats an informative post!! Some home remedies like use of Bottlegaurd, Jamun also helps to cure diabetes.


shilpa said...

ok i did not know about jamun that can cure diabetes thanks for the information

Vijay Khaitan said...

You have missed out a very important point. Diabetic patients should never sleep in day time specially after lunch.They should eat lot of green leafy vegetables, Karela, salads etc. Yoga will help reduce tension which aggravates sugar level. Diabetes along with high blood pressure is lethal combination. Keep blood pressure in check through yoga.

shilpa said...

ok a very goodpoint i am happy that you follow that father

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very informative post.

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