Tuesday, 30 June 2009

How to clean your phone

At least once a month the phone must be cleaned as it is the instrument that touches our face.

THE PHONE BODY:Moisten a cloth with the dishwashing liquid solution and wipe the surfaces of the telephone.For hard to reach spots such as spaces between raised numbers use cotton swads dipped in rubing alcohol..Be careful not to get any liquid near the hook -swtich speaker or other openings.

THE HANDSET:Clean the handset with a cloth soaked with rubbing alcohol since this is the part of the phone that touches your face it is important to disinfect it .Be very careful not to pour alcohol directly on to the phone.You can use disinfectent wipes to clean the handset.

THE CORD: To clean the cord ,remove it from the phone ,and dampen a cloth with water and few drops of mild dishwashing liquid.Rub the cord down with the cloth and dry with a second cloth.Make sure the cord is completely dry before you reattach it to the phone.


Nazish Rahman said...

This is really helpful and important as it concerns our mobile...the gadget that we cant live without it!!

Lol...definitely not pour alcohol directly on the phone otherwise it will keep calling the previous number over n over again...will b a very dangerous hangover.

Thanks again for such a vital information!!!

shilpa said...

yeah i know