Saturday, 22 August 2009


Depression is not your fault and it can be treated :

This is dedicated to someone who recently faced depression close to my heart.I just want to say i will stand by you no matter what.

The first thing to see in depression is to see it as a diesease and not personal failure .There is lot of positive news about depression treatment .New approaches like psychotherapy and antidepressant
medication help millions of people across to recover from depression.

Depression is a complex condition characterized by sadness , feeling worthlessness and lost of interest in social activities.These feelings can last for 2 weeks or go on for decades.It is a disease .It is not caused by personal weakness and is not a character flaw .When you have depression chemicals in your brain called neurotransmitters are out of balance . Major factors that causes depression are

1)Childbirth ,a death in the family ,work or relationship
2)Finding out you have long term diesease such as hearth diesease or cancer

You may also
1)Lose or gain weight
2)Sleep too much or not sleep at all
3)Feel restless and not able to sit still ,or may sit quitely and feels that moving takes great effort .4)Feel tired as if you have no energy for the entire day
5)Feel unworthy and guilty everyday .You may have low self esteem and fears that people may not like you
6)Find it hard to focus and remember things or make decisions everyday.

POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION :It occurs usally by the changes in hormones levels that occur in pregnancy .Any women can get this depression after her childbirth miscarriage or stillbirth.She may act strangely or hear and see things that are not present .It is an emergency ,because it can quickly get worse and put her or others in danger .These may usally occur if you have a poor support from your inlaws,you have a sick baby ,You have lot of other stress in life .

Bipolar Disorder:Its a diesease that causes extreme mood changes from manic episodes of very high energy to lows of energy Having this order can make you feel helpless.Talking about it to those suffering from it can release your pain and can hope for a better life.

Your self help
1)Be real in what you expect and what you can do .Set goals you can meet.
2)Dont blame yourself or others for your depression
3)Think about putting off big decisions.Wait patiently either for marriage ,divorce or jobs.
4)Get support form others.Your family can set you right kind of treatment and deal with your symptoms
5)Tell someone you trust about your depression.It is better to be with someone than be alone .
6)Build your self esteem and try to keep postive attitute.

Get basics
1)Get regular exercise
2)Eat a balanced diet
3)Get enough sleep
4)Deal with stress
5)Avoid drinking alcohol
6)Take proper medicines as prescribed

Things to say:
1)You are not alone
2)You are important to me
3)Do you want a hug
4)When its over i will be there and so will you
5)I cannot really understand you feeling but i can offer my compassion
6)I am not going to leave you or abandon you
7)I love you
8)I am sorry that you are so much in pain i am not going to leave you.

Things you dont say:
1)There is always someone worse than you
2)No one ever said life was fair
3)Stop feeling sorry for yourself
4)You are always depressed whats new
5)Try not to be so depressed
6)Its your own fault
7)I think your depression is a way of punishing us
8)Havent you grown tired of me ,me and me
9)Have you tried green tea?
10)I was depressed like you

Usally when i am sad i listen to good music and think of all the nice things happened to me what your idea of happiness to overshadow the depression do share to help the readers .


Vijay Khaitan said...

You have touched upon a good topic which is very close to my heart. Depression is caused by failures, Loss of self esteem, Incurable disease like diabetes,Cancer,AIDS etc.,death of somebody in the family,harmonal changes in the body. Depression is not a disease by itself but can lead to complications if not treated in time. You have already given check list on what to do and what not to do. Good post. Keep it up

Swatantra said...


That very interesting post. I liked that depression is not a failure it is a disease.

May God Bless your close one... Take care!!

Sameera said...

Unusual post on your blog... But, Good Post!

I too have seen depression via someone close to me... Painful Actually!

Apanatva said...

Very good post.I don't know why in our society people hesitate to visit psychiatrist.the very common word for depression is being used as " सुस्त "
or " moody "

Nazish Rahman said...
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shilpa said...

Thanks dad

shilpa said...

Sameera i am with you take care of your loved ones dear thanks for your comments

shilpa said...

Thanks swatantra

shilpa said...

thanks apantava

shilpa said...

thanks for your beautiful comments nazish but neha hmmmm i dont think so

Nazish Rahman said...

Oh this is a very serious n mature topic. I liked the way u have dealt with it..believe me Shilpa. U've told what are the reasons, symptoms, remedy and etc.
A person goes into depression when he is not able to reach his goals. Failures if not dealt with utmost care and in the correct time could lead to frustration. Too much of anything is bad. Depression is a virus which will spoil your hardware if not removed from the root. Scan yourself. Do SWOT analysis. If u are not true with yourself then your the biggest enemy of yourself n no one can help u. U fall everyday...but u have to get up too, thats the sign of winner.

Great post Shilpa...m glad u touched this topic, i wish the person to whom u dedicate this post...really comes out of this...inshaallah!!!
My prayers are too with him/her. Tell that person that its all in the mind...there's nothing called depression he/she is strong!!

Oh m nothing like!!! It was just i was also reading her post!!!No No Shilpa...was not thinking of something else!!!

shilpa said...

ok thanks again

SG said...

Excellent post. As you said the depressed person should think of any good/nice things that happened to him/her in the past and reminisce about it very often. That will change the mood. If that person is not reminiscing about good things that happened to him/her in the past, that person’s friend and/or relatives may bring up the conversation on that joyful subject.

HaRy!! said...

hmm sorry that one of yur close one is under depression rite now.. and its really delight to see that yu can b near her! And wow so many very nice points yu have related :) and a very close topic to the heart!

Whats In A Name said...

A very relevant point in this age. I think everyone is suffering from it little or more. And music is the best therapy. Kudos for you to start such a relevant topic.

shilpa said...

its very hard sg to get that persorn happy beacuse looking at that person makes you feel sad but thanks for encouraging

shilpa said...

thanks hary

shilpa said...

you have the best therapy to make peope laugh with your jokes in your blog so thanks to you whats in a name

AnjuGandhi said...

nice and informative post.
i suppose everyone in their life some time or other undergoes spells of depression. depression is such a thing which automatically happens. to get away from daily routine, to be with friends, change of envirnment goes a long way in bringing a person out of depression.
my personal experience is when depressed acculmulate as many people as u can around you, friends, family members to keep your self occupied .

sm said...

good topic
you handled it very nicely
with all information.

shilpa said...

i think you have explained it all anju gandhi thanks a lot

shilpa said...

thanks sm

Babli said...

Its an appropriate post as almost everybody is going through depression. You have written very beautifully and expressed it very nicely. People who undergoes depression is really pathetic and should try their best to overcome from it. I liked your post very much.

shilpa said...

thanks babli

Zeba said...

very very informative and helpful. though i am not depressed right now it felt good to read this and know we r never alone!!

shilpa said...

thanks zeba

Meira said...

We can give them all the support we can. Hope they get better.

shilpa said...

thanks dear meira for showing your support towards them

The Panorama said...

This is a really good post; Shilpa.
There is a stigma attached to such ailments like depressions and many people think that the person suffering from it should just snap out of it, or pull yourself together but it doesn't really help.
I think one important thing to do is to encourage the person to seek professional help, you can be a supportive friend but sometimes people need treatment to get out of it.
Otherwise it can be quite draining emotionally to be around someone who is clinically depressed. But definitely they need kind and understanding friends around them.
I love your blog, Shilpa.
Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

shilpa said...

You explained it all Panorama thanks for visiting