Monday, 22 June 2009


I tried this receipe last week and it turned out to be good specially when you serve .
Receipe:1.5 litres of ice cream
200gms of dark chocolate chips or white chocolate chips or Milk chocolate chips
1 any bar chocolate
150 gms of bourn bourn biscuits

Method: Take the ice cream out from the fridge and soften it a little bit
Line a tin with clingfiln from the sides and the bottom
Take a freezer zipbag and put the bar and the biscuits and bash them up untill
someform sizeable crumbs.
Take a mixing bowl and put in the softened icecream,crumbs,chocolate chips and mix for 2 minutes
Put the icecream cake mixture in the tin and close with clingfilm
Leave in the fridzer to set.
Serve when required

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Nazish Rahman said...

hmm..must b delicious but cant even think of trying ice cream...shhh!!!

all u guys r lucky !!