Wednesday, 24 June 2009

When is rain expected?

On monday morning my father asked me why it is not raining in bombay.I can see the clouds and hear the thunder but still no rain so whats going on in london.I said dad the rain already started in london and even if its not raining the weather is too good here .I guess i reliased its not the weather fault but our fault for the delay of the season.Not giving so much importance to global warming,neglecting the importance of ecofriendly benefits,not planting and just cutting down trees for greed is making the matter worse.I agree that our population is huge but thats no excuse for not planting trees.Why we advertised about IPL,ELECTIONS ,STAR ATTITUTE,instead why dont we advertised on these after every popular serials.When we can watch saas bhi kabhi bahu thi we can watch these ads too.Our country looks full of mud and dust when we can make a lot greener and make our lives more healthy.I am sorry if these statements hurt anyone sentiments but its just the message for making my own country beautiful.


Nazish Rahman said...

Yup its no sign of monsoon in India and its dam hot here...but i think a lot work has been done as far as Global Warming is concerned. Initiatives have been taken like for eg the NDTV Green initiative.

IPL n all are private events n they paid for their advertisments...the kind of coverage all these IPL,ELECTIONS ,STAR ATTITUTE get is all because of the madia as they give them more space. Infact IPL has done a marvelous job by donating quite a big amount for children some social responsibility done by them.

Reports are that its because of the Aila Cyclone the monsoon has weakened. Even u are right that more work needs to b done and we need to plant more trees and use eco friendly products which we do rarely!!

shilpa said...

You cannot say a lot work been done but yes its been started so its good for our country.