Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Money not reached

Are you aware or even tend to remember the money collected from people for the affected 26/11 people have not reached them .Well thats not new because when they collect money the collectors make a huge cry over it as if they are the only souls on this earth who care for them but at the end of the day their souls are dead when it is collected.I dont know what they do and where it goes.But a andheri resident has raised his voice against it and wrote a formal letter to right to imformation about 1.17 cores collected for the affected victims.Well i dont think we are best in our culture and traditions when it comes to this but we can be better by doing something about it.

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Nazish Rahman said...

Well this is nothing new as these things were expected from them....just see how they have handled the committee's report...everywhere politics is played!!!

This is the reason why common man hesitates to help or take an initiative to do something within their they the system is so corrupt.

Thanks to the right to information Act that one can question the govt but that too has limitations.