Tuesday, 23 June 2009


If you get pregnant past that age you have a 10 fold increased risk compared with women younger than 40 of placenta previa.Its the dangerous condition in which the placenta does not move up and away from the opening of the uterus during pregnancy this can cause severe vaginal bleeding and activate premature labour.If you are in your 40 and considering pregnancy its critical to be proactive and get a thorough screening to rule out hidden heart dissease or diabetes.All the women in this age group needs to get their blood pressure,cholestrol,and blood sugar levels checked as well as ekgbefore trying to get pregnant.

Right now the oldest documented mother is omkari panwar a 70 year old indian women who gave birth to a 2 pounds twins in 2008.The cutting edge of IVFtechnology is enabling women to get pregnant experts are concerned about the increased risk of developing breast cancer.There are fair number of women getting pregnant in their mid 40 through IVF who have a tough of hypertension,are a little overweight or are prediabetic.A 2002 University of Southern Califonia study found out that 26% of women ages 50 to 54 suffered from preeclampsia a life threatning condition characterized by high blood pressure and protein in the urine and 13% developed gestational diabetes.

Reserch also show that women who have recently given birth are more likely to develop breast cancer in the 15 years following .There are also heart concerns after pregnancy.Most people tend to gain weight with each pregnancy and keep those extra 10 pounds aroun for a while.
Get a good consultation from your doctor before taking the risk of your health.


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Nazish Rahman said...

Thesedays girls are getting married a bit late n many woman get pregnant in their mid 40's. I think its all about how healthy u r...at the same time its better not to take any risk!!!

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