Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Ecofriendly tips

Here are ecofriendly tips which will help you save money and become more envoirmentally concious
1) Switch to compact fluorescent lights since they use 66 percent less energy than regular bulbs.
A small sign on the wall can be a helpful reminder for children to turn off the lights.

2)Placing a plant in your home improves the air quality significantly

3)Fix leaking faucets to save water

4)Set a fun recycling center .An organised recyling center makes it easy to seperate plastic,glass,metal and newspaper

5)Start buying organic foods.

6)Stop using plastic bagsat the grocery store.Instead of adding waste buy cloth bags instead

7)Institute a no idle rule at school pickup areas.Turn off your engine while you wait for your child.

8)Use mugs instead of disposable cups in the office

9)Unplug any unused electronic charges or equipments.Energy saps through your cord if your cell phone charger ,curling iron,coffeemaker,or other electronic items are plug in.About 5 percent of the power drawn by cell phone charges is actually used to charge your phone.

10)Fill your refrigerator to capacity it will stay colder and run more effeciently saving you money.

11)Help the envoirment and decrease the paper clutter in your home by the amount of junk mail you receive .

12)To save on fuel ,turn off the air conditioner and roll down your windows when you travelling less than 55 mph.

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