Thursday, 18 June 2009

Do we act as we speak

Well this is funny but i do say bedtime stories to my friends sometimes which is funny and interesting to them so let me share you some.
In a village there was a boy call krishna who stays with his parents.One day his mother took him to a village for pray.There his mother was talking to her friends about giving and charity.She was telling her friendsto give and help needy and poor and to those who needthe most.When they came back home a poor blind man came to her house and krishna saw her mother not paying attension to the poor .She told the beggar to go away or she will call the police.Later her friend came to ask for collection of money for the party she was organising in her society she immediately opened her purse and gave 100 rupees.Krishna asked her mother why did you tell your friends for charity when you did not give money to the poor.Her mother said nothing and told her son to keep quite.

Later that night krishna father came home and asked krishna about his studies.He told him to study and stay with good students to learn well.Krishna poor friend came to meet krishna father and asked him to lend 100 rupees as he his short in his fees and if he dont pay on time he will be thrown out of school.Krishna father told him that he has no money to give him.That night krishna father friends came home and asked for 500 rupees for liquir which he gave them.krishna asked his father why did you tell me to be in a good company when you did not help him and helped your friends instead.His father said nothing and told his son to keep quite.

Next morning he went to school his teacher told him that school inspector is coming for inspection .He asked his students how many lessons have we done they said 23.His teacher told them wrong tell the inspector we did 32 and today i am doing 32 lesson called harish chandra and he continued with his lesson.He came to his teacher and asked why did you teach us that leason when you told us to lie.His teacher said nothing and told him to keep quite.

Next morning he refused to go to school.Krishna parents could not understand his behaviour and asked his teacher tocme home.He told them that there is no point learning from somebody who dont follow what they say.


Nazish Rahman said...

Thats wht we human beings are all about... hypocrite!!!
Thats why actions speaks louder than words.

shilpa said...

Thats why politicians should watch their ways when they give promises to people.

Nazish Rahman said...

lol...u know if politicians start doing this then they wont b politicians rather they'll b worshiped as gods!!This is what politics is all about....covering as much as wherever u have power and money, it is always associated with corruption.

shilpa said...

i agree with your statement