Thursday, 18 June 2009

Dhoni confesses

This article is with reference to times of india.According to dhoni the reason they lost from south africa is lack of unity and playing excess cricket.At some level its true but also practice makes man perfect so how come playing a lot will make any difference.Maybe you tend to take things for granted when you see a lot happening you looses your focus when playing.I am no god to comment but its sad when i see my friends who are die hard cricket fan expect a lot and come home with sad faces.According to dhoni a cricketer should take a break for month and come back with a bounce.Well thats not a bad thought.


Nazish Rahman said...

I think u meant South Africa n not Sri Lanka!!!

Well its all Dhoni's mistake as he thinks that he is bigger than the game. As there a saying in cricket "those who say they know knows them better"!!! A person who is so insecure about his position in the team will come up with such lame excuses!! Had India won this statement would hav never come up!!

shilpa said...

No i meant shri lanka as dhoni referred to some match played between india and shri lanka.Referring to his experience that time and played this whole month was the referrence to this statement.

Nazish Rahman said...

ohh...then m sorry for misunderstanding it!!!