Thursday, 25 June 2009

Cleaning can be done by yourself

Washing machine:To clean the washing machine take a cup of cheap white vinegar and put inside the machine and give it a roll .It will come out clean and bacteria free

Music stereo system:Take a brush and dip in water then damp it with clean dry towel.Brush it on the stereo system .Dust the top with wet face tissue.It will come out clean and shiny.

Sink:To clean the sink if you dont have washing liquid no problem you can rely on shaving form anytime.Just spread the form on the sink and give a good scrubing.Clean with newspaper.Remember the newspaper should be just 2 days old.It will smell good and clean.

Candle holder:To clean the candle holder dip in very hot water and give a good scrub all the wax will come out.Take lemon and salt and scrub on it the holder will shine .

Air contioners or heaters.If your conditioners have space behind dont forget to neglect that space as it collects large amount of dust and bacteria.Take a stick and tie a cloth with rubberband try to clean the space behind .Take aftershave lotion and apply it on the front .When contidioners are in use your room will smell good.


Swatantra said...

Thanks for sharing!! nice post!!

Nazish Rahman said...

Thats nice...wonder from where u get so much information!!

shilpa said...

well this is dadidma teachings as girl grows up she is automatically provided with imformation dear

Varsha Shrote said...

That was really helpful and quite easy, Shilpa! Great job! And thanks to your Dadima:)